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About Us

The focus of Flocate Industries is to become the BMP for Polymer Enhanced Sediment Removal.

Our process will assist the user to meet stringent EPA guidelines in regard to water run off filtration in a contained, controlled environment for consistant results using anionic polymer applications.

  • Applications:
  • Construction site
  • Pond Clarification
  • Well/Geo-Thermal Drilling
  • Storm water treatment
  • Vacuum truck disposal
  • Mining tailings
  • Dredging operations

Reduction of:

  • Colloidal clays
  • Soil/Silt
  • Heavy Metals
  • Nutrient Load
    (phosphate levels = algae levels)
  • Pesticides
  • Chlorine
Additional Environmental Serivces:
  • Stormwater Control
  • Silt Fence
  • Restortion/Naturescapes











Welcome to Flocate Industries

Flocate Industries has developed a patented process to assist the user in achieving consistent results when using the prescribed anionic polymers to meet stringent local, state and federal guidelines in regard to water run off filtration. We offer a contained, controlled environment utilizing state of the art polymerization applications. Our system is designed to work with polyacryclamide erosion control applicator logs (Flock Logs).

This is the most  efficient way to use polymers for sediment removal

"There's no way around these laws..."  

The solution is obvious. You need Flocate Industries to streamline your dewatering filtration process.

Flocate Industries is the solution for efficient and effective management of your construction site dewatering process. We have taken all the elements into consideration.



The benefits of Flocate's contained system outweigh the current BMP's because of it's ability to:

  1. Show consistent results based on consistent construction and uniform process

  2. Be protected from the elements (disruption of water flow due to weather, debris)

  3. Controlled flow rate and mixing time, with a possibility of reduced mixing time

  4. Portability around a job site, and the ability to place in confined areas

  5. Be reused

  6. Heated for cold weather usage

Research & Development  
  • Design & testing at waste water treatment facility to remove
    filament 'foaming' problem.

  • Underground permanent structures built within existing or
    new storm sewer systems to treat storm water before outlet.