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Permanent Structures
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Life is messy. Communities rely on their infrastructure to clean the mess, to solve problems, not to create more. Vacuum trucks and street sweepers are tools to keep communities clean, but create challenges for municipalities. Disposal of the collections from these vehicles can have serious impact on the storm sewer systems and receiving waters. The collection stock piles are left to drain and dry before moving as solid waste. Unfortunately, much of the drainage waters contain pollutants and the stock piles are also left exposed to rain and erosion.

Flocate Industries, Inc. has developed a success transfer project to build our portable sediment removal equipment as permanent infrastructure, underground within a storm sewer system. Flocate has seen great success with our portable units used on construction sites as part of a NPDES plan. The success of our portable units is shouldered by the success of the anionic polymer products used. This polymer has seen great success removing not only the intended sediment, but shows a reduction in the nutrient load, heavy metals contained in total suspended solids and some dissolved solids. The Flocate patent pending system has been specially designed to enhance polymerization by creating a turbulent environment and allows for a calculated flow rate based on average rain events. U.S. Patent No. 8,518,268.